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PAMMS is part of HAS Technology Group which has a strong heritage in developing innovative technology for health and social care.

PAMMS was initially developed with ADASS East Region to replace manual monitoring systems and enable market intelligence, quality and financial data to be brought together in one place in real-time.

Having delivered measurable quality improvements, as well as capital and ongoing savings, the PAMMS solution has gone from strength to strength.

PAMMS now offers modules including: Market Oversight, Risk Profiler, Quality Assurance, Intelligent Purchasing and Provider Returns.

“PAMMS gives us greater ability to manage quality and effectively monitor contract performance of Care Providers in the Borough. We can detect problems at an early stage which reduces the risk of Provider failure and all the disruption this can cause. We can also ensure we are targeting our resources where they are most needed.”

Ealing Council

The HAS Group

Innovative technology at its best

H.A.S. Technology is a global provider of cloud-based workforce management and social care technology. The Group includes a number of technology brands including care management specialist, CM (previously CM2000).

Our technology saves customers time and money and improves the quality of their services. Our patented innovative software solutions include: visit scheduling and verification, invoicing / payroll reporting, business intelligence, market shaping, risk identification and prevention. We currently trade through several brands around the world. CM, Ezitracker, PAMMS and ARMED in the UK. Ezitracker and Eziplan in Australia / New Zealand and Savii in the US.

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