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Market Insight

PAMMS’ Market Insight technology builds on our Risk Profiler service to draw together further market intelligence from a wide range of sources.

Whilst the CQC market oversight regime helps LAs monitor the failure of 'major care providers’, less consideration is given to the remaining regulated services. In reality, record levels of smaller providers are de-registering & handing back care contracts, due to current financial pressures.

PAMMS Market Insight delivers a broader picture to help reduce the impact of provider failures as well as facilitate a diverse, sustainable high quality market for the whole local population, including those who pay for their own care. 

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Risk Profiler

Early insight into quality and financial risks of your contracted care providers.

Risk Profiler is a fully automated, interactive, web based, exceptions driven, service - made available to stakeholders within the council, who can quickly identify contracted care providers that require some form of remedial action. 


  • reduces disruption and upheaval caused to the people in receipt of failing services
  • protects public sector resources from being spent on dealing with the fall out of provider failures
  • enables the Council to give early support to providers that are going through difficult times
  • allows informed commissioning to ensure Councils can intelligently place new packages with appropriate providers
  • provides political stability reducing the burden of worry placed on Councillors and Politician.

Quality Assurance

Provider Assessment & Corrective Action Planning

Delivering reliable, high-quality adult social care to local citizens is an essential Council service. Monitoring independent care businesses against agreed contracts is necessary to support vulnerable people. It is administratively burdensome for all parties, difficult to keep up-to-date or benchmark.

Using a Care Act grant, ADASS East region (11 Councils) and HAS Technology developed Provider Assessment & Market Management Solution (PAMMS-QA) to revolutionise the way provider quality assurance data is collected and shared. 

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Our next generation commissioning system for councils who want to buy care services driven by intelligence.

Finding capacity for new care packages is a constant struggle. IPS will help you to identify and engage with suitable Providers, whether you are looking for a residential place or home care package. You’ll be able to see real-time quality data about the Provider and agree rates at the touch of a button. This will help speed up new package distribution and reduce delayed discharge.

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Provider Returns

Enabling the creation, distribution and reporting of bespoke Provider Self Assessments & Quarterly Returns data collection from providers of care services

This service assists local authorities with their Care Act market-shaping responsibilities by automating the collection of intelligence about the local care market. It also improves the data collection process for contract compliance monitoring (PAMMS-QA) to revolutionise the way provider quality assurance data is collected and shared.

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